PROJECT MOVID- A Mobile Covid Care facility to trace, test and treat.

(Early Mobile Covid Care Facility)

A. Introduction and Background

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the grave limitations of our health systems when confronting the unexpected emergence of major diseases. As expected, the most affected are the poor. We believe that mobile healthcare delivery programs play an important role in effectively supporting underserved populations during pandemics, and can do so in a cost-effective manner.

In response, we plan to meet this emergency, on a war footing without much delay, and to reduce the burden on our existing healthcare infrastructure. Project Movid is offering to set up Mobile Covid Care centers offering free, qualitative medical care for Covid in Slums of Hyderabad. To begin with, the project will focus on starting One mobile covid care facility and scale up to 6 such facilities in the coming days. The 3rd wave is mostly affecting the upper airway and majority do not require hospital care. Hence limiting the traffic to healthcare providers helps also in curbing the spread.

B. Operational Plan

Plan 1: First Unit-

Mobile Covid Care

     • GCF has Mobile cancer screening vehicles.

     • Identify slums which are densely populated and deploy the Unit for 2 hours in each location.

     • Set up of Dedicated Mobile covid care team

     • Equip the Bus with required medical equipment’s and supplies like oxygen concentrators etc

     • Onboard medical and paramedical staff like doctors, pulmonologists, nurses, ward staff, etc

     • On field testing with Rapid kits

Plan 2: Scale up 6 units

     • GCF has 6 mobile screening buses.

C. Areas of Support

     • Seeking support for funding through individual donations, CSR funds, Employee Giving or other donations

     • Donations / Sponsors of Medical Equipment’s and Supplies

     • Support Manpower cost for a month

D. Budget

Capital Requirements
  Equipment and Consumables Required number Price per piece Total price in INR
  Pulse oximeter 50 2000 100,000
  Rapid Antigen Kits 1000 100 10,0000
  Thermometer 50 300 15,000
  Oxygen Cylinders (Stand by) 2 17000 34,000
  Oxygen Concentrator 2 50,000 100,000
Total 349,000

Personnel Cost
Resource Cost for Medical staff
Staff Number of Staff Salary per person Total in INR
  On- Duty Doctors 2 70,000 140,000
  Nursing Staff in 6 hours shift(1 Standby) 5 30,000 150,0000
  Pulmonologist on consultation 1 50,000 50,000
  Support staff 5 20,000 100,000
  Total 13 440,000

Mobile Unit Costs
Vehicle cost (includes Fuel, Maintenance etc)
Per day Per Month Total in INR
  Fuel 100 km per day max 4000 120000 120000
  Driver 1 25000 25000
  Pass through cost 500 15000 15000
Total cost per Month 160,000

Investigations and Medical Kits Cost
Other Expenses Total in INR
  Home isolation Kits 25,000
  Any Medication if necessary inc N95 masks 1,00,000
  Investigations CBP CRP creatinine D Dimer 1500 500 7,50,000
Total 8,75,000

Approximate Cost model for One
mobile covid care unit/Month
  Capital Requirements ₹ 349,000.00
  Personnel cost ₹ 440,000.00
  Mobile Unit cost ₹ 160,000.00
  Investigations and medical kits ₹ 875,000.00
  Buffer @10% ₹ 182,4000
  Total ₹ 20,06,400.00

We aim to treat 150 patients per day, that makes it around 2000 patients in 15 days and a total of 4500 cases per month. Approximate cost per person is Rs 445 which includes complete care. This will ensure that 4500 families are saved from undue anxiety and unnecessary hospital expenses to the tune of Rs.45 crores (at an approximate Rs.1 lakh per person).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the timeline for the setup of the Mobile Early Covid Care Facility?

     The Facility will be set up in 2 days from receiving at least 25% of the targeted funds.

2. Where will the Facility be located?

     The location would be at Slums in Hyderabad

3. Will this be a free facility?

Yes, this facility will be a free facility offered to the community, which will be supported by the generous donations of individuals, Corporates, and others.

4. Who will run the Facility?

The Facility will be run by Medical Staff and Professionals and anchored and facilitated by GCF (Grace Cancer Foundation ). GCF is a registered not-for-profit body founded in the year 2013 and has touched more than 10 million lives ever since.

5. For how long will this facility run?

As experienced with the previous waves, we are expecting the need of running this facility for about 2 months.

6. How do we donate funds and is there a minimum donation?

GCF has 12A, 80G and FCRA approvals . And we are looking at a minimum of 10 lakhs per donor, so that each facility can be created and run with two donors.

7. How many lives can be saved with our Donation?

Rs. 10 lakhs can treat 2000 patients

Rs. 20 lakhs can treat 4500 patients

Rs.30 lakhs can treat 7000 patients

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